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Delivering high quality hatching eggs and day-old chicks

ISA Export sells first Quality commercial layer hatching eggs and day-old chicks in and outside of Europe. The hatching eggs and day-old chicks are produced at Hendrix Genetics subsidiary operations across Europe.

Availability, flexibility and traceability

Throughout Europe, commercial day-old layer chicks and hatching eggs of Hendrix Genetics are produced in large numbers. When analyzing your needs, we carefully consider which genetic solution is ideally suited to supply the hatching eggs or day old chicks for your market. In this way we can reduce road and air transport times, reduce transportation costs and handle large volumes. Availability, delivery and full traceability of our products are guaranteed. First quality is at the core of our business, through every stage of our production process we aim for the highest quality of hatching eggs and day-old chicks. Good quality hatching eggs and chicks are needed at the base for the best egg producing laying hens. Our great connection with the multi-species Hendrix Genetics breeding company allows us to offer the best genetic chickens available to you!

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Outstanding day-old chick quality

Production of first quality hatching eggs and day-old chicks is sourced only from Hendrix Genetics' subsidiary hatcheries, which maintain the highest standards of hygiene and biosecurity. A rigorous quality control system is in place to monitor the quality of production by our specialized team of poultry veterinarians and also by governmental agencies in the various countries. Outstanding hatching egg and day-old chick quality is at the core of our business. Together with our valued customers we define the day-old chick vaccinations and the chick treatments that will be performed in our hatcheries. Truck and flight transportation options are arranged in direct consultation with customer needs and current possibilities. We aim to strive for the best solution in close cooperation to get the best quality day-old chicks arriving at the poultry farm in the destination country.

Our broad portfolio

ISA Export offers a broad portfolio of high quality day-old chicks and hatching eggs to customers all over the world. We are committed to quick delivery, anywhere in the world. Our range of offerings include white and brown layers, turkeys and colored broilers, we are specialized in the supply of ISA Brown, Bovans Brown and Dekalb White chickens. Visit the brand websites to find out more about our high quality egg layers and our products offerings.

Bovans Brown - A robust and balanced layer
ISA Brown – Well-known as the global superstar
Dekalb White – Efficient, docile, and productive


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