About us

ISA Export is focused on providing high quality day-old commercial layer chicks and hatching eggs for customers all over the world.

The facts about ISA Export

  • Established in 2012
  • Exporting hatching eggs and day-old chickens into more than 40 countries
  • Specialized in day-old chick deliveries to the African continent
  • Our valued customers have access to highest quality egg laying genetics such as ISA Brown, Bovans Brown, and Dekalb White
  • Served by a dedicated team of global experts in logistics and poultry management

Superior Quality

Our own parent stock flocks are located in six different countries within Europe: Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic. This allows ISA Export to provide a reliable supply of hatching eggs and day-old chicks from our own hatcheries and parent stock facilities. These facilities maintain the highest standard of hygiene, biosecurity and animal welfare. A top-notch quality control system, safeguarded by our team of poultry veterinarians, is in place to monitor the quality during the entire production process.

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The Hatchery Process

Our modern hatcheries are managed by experts in hatchery management. First quality hatching eggs are carefully collected and selected at the Parent Stock Farms. In the hatcheries they are sorted based on the egg weight and an extra quality check is performed. After thorough disinfection, the hatching eggs are transferred to the setters. We make use of the best incubators available on the market. We closely collaborate with the main European hatchery equipment manufacturers. At hatch, only the best quality chicks are selected. Extra emphasis is places on chick vitality and day-old chick uniformity. Our hatcheries apply the best standards in hygiene and biosecurity. all our hatcheries are fully equipped for the administration of vaccinations (think of Marek, IB, Marek, NCD, Gumboro, Coccidiosis). Please consult our expert to discuss all day-old chick vaccinations available. Our hatcheries are also equipped to allow for Infra-Red beak treatment, making use of Infra-Red laser technology to trim the beaks.

After a final quality check, the day-old chicks are packed into plastic crates specially developed for ISA-Export. these crates allow for safe and stable transport and ensure optimal ventilation during chick transportation.

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Full Traceability

All our products are produced conform EU export regulations: all our production farms are part of the regular inspection programs from the national food and consumer product safety authorities. Every delivery is accompanied with the correct documentation and in accordance with all the relevant legislation to guarantee the clearance by customs. We guarantee that our eggs and day-old chicks are free from Salmonella, Mycoplasma (MG) and other pathogens. In order to ensure the high health status, all packaging used is brand new and specially designed to ensure a safe and comfortable journey of the day-old chicks and hatching eggs. With all these features at play, ISA Export customers can be assured that the chicks have been given the best start possible with high quality standards expected at each step of the process – from parent stock to hatch.

Reliable Delivery

Transporting hatching eggs and day-old chicks is a delicate operation. Environmental temperature, strict hygiene and biosecurity and precise planning are key for the transport of hatching eggs. Temperature recorders are provided with each batch to monitor the chick’s environmental wellbeing during their journey. We have strong relationships with trusted airlines and specialist transportation companies for hatching eggs and day-old chicks. These connections, in combination with our strategic locations (close proximity to major airports such as Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Liege, Dusseldorf and London), allow us to supply you with first quality hatching eggs or day-old chicks with the shortest possible transit times. This results in better quality performance once placed in the poultry house.

Global Team of Poultry Experts

ISA Export customers have the benefit of tapping into the resource of global experts from Hendrix Genetics in health, nutrition, and management. When there is an issue, we can devote any of our experienced team members to fully investigate and find solutions. In addition, ISA Export can look at the supply of eggs and day-old chicks and utilize resources to provide fast and efficient service. A representative is available to observe each step of the delivery process and ensure that chicks are comfortable during transport and ready to thrive once placed.

Product availability

Feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to supply you with our first quality products. When analyzing your specific needs, we carefully consider which genetic solution is ideally suited to supply the hatching eggs or day-old chicks for your market. In this way, we can reduce road and air transportation times and reduce the costs of transportation. Netherlands France Belgium United Kingdom Spain Czech Republic Due to our extensive network within Europe, we can handle large volumes and have easy access to superior quality hatching eggs and day-old chicks. Product availability, a team of global experts, reliable delivery, full traceability and products of superior quality are all part of our promise to you.


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a large disruption of global flight availability. Please do contact us to find out what the current possibilities are for your potential next flock. Our dedicated team of experts in logistics try to do their utmost to come up with solutions to safeguard the supply of day-old chicks and hatching eggs to all countries across the globe.

ISA Export: Supplying Quality day-old chicks and hatching eggs to the world!

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